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Common Questions

My child is not talking properly and the Health Visitor has referred her to the local Speech Therapy Department but there is a long wait before she can be seen. Can you see us quickly?

Yes, definitely. We offer rapid assessment slots and are happy to offer interim advice or therapy until you get an appointment within the NHS or we may be able to sort the problem before your appointment comes through in some cases.

I am concerned that I won’t be able to afford the sessions or that there might be hidden charges.

All treatment charges are to current published independent guidelines and nothing is planned without agreement. Therapy can cease at anytime.

My child has just been diagnosed with moderate learning disability. They go to mainstream school but the staff need support. Can you help?

We can offer training packages and specialist support to mainstream schools. We can liaise with any or all professionals who need to be involved.

My 3 year old son has started to stammer. Help!!

Don’t worry it could be part of a normal phase but we can assess and intervene if required.

My 5 year old can’t say k and g e.g. he says “tea” for key and “tate” for gate. Does he need speech therapy?

This is very typical, however, it may affect him at school both with reading and making him the target for teasing/bullying. We can arrange a very simple programme to help this, which can have quite fast results in most cases.

I have a 14 year old son who has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. He is on the waiting list for a Speech and Language Therapy assessment but there is a 6-month wait and I can’t see the point of Speech Therapy when he talks perfectly well. What do you think?

Anyone with Aspergers syndrome or ‘on the autistic spectrum’ will have a communication difficulty of some degree. Although his spoken language may appear fine he might be experiencing problems with higher level language skills especially understanding. A SmallTalk therapist would assess his pragmatic skills and verbal reasoning among other things, which can have an important part to play in making friends and functioning to his potential within society.

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